Monday, February 6, 2012

Another day, another rant

Seriously.  Wish I had more happy bead stuff to blog about, but life just hasn't been treating me to the warm fuzzies of the bead world lately.
Today's rant is twofold - and does somewhat involve jewelry.  But I digress.  Firstly - have parents STOPPED teaching their children how to be respectful and responsible when it comes to other people's time?  Honestly, today was the THIRD Monday that I am in the middle of turning off lights to close at 4 (which it clearly states on the front door), that the SAME young man, probably high school grad/college freshman, has come in to browse, and purchase stones.  If you've never been to Coyote or to their website, that's not something that is quick.  We have HUNDREDS of different kinds of semi precious stones, each having it's own little container with a little description card of properties and energies.  It's what we're known for.  So when he came in AGAIN, just a few minutes before 4, and just started browsing, and then decides at 4 oclock to ask "am I keeping you?" - I wanted to scream at him.  Every week he has done this for last three times I've worked on Monday.  And I've told him every time that we close at 4.  Oblivious.  I am always thoughtful and respectful of closing times for stores.  I've never expected anyone to stay open late for me.  If I do happen to be in a store that is getting ready to close for the night, I hurry, and choose my purchases so that they can continue with their lives. That's how I WAS RAISED.   But it just seems like in the last decade or so - no respect.  No responsibility in that regard.  They just don't care about anyone but themselves.  And it's sad.   Makes me want to slap their parents, actually......
And then their was my FIRST customer of the day.  She came in planning to purchase one of our large salt lamps that are on sale for 35% off.  Everything was great until she found out that even with the sale discount, the price was still over $150.00.  Yeah, lady, that's a big rock.  What did you expect?  FREE?  So I had to void the purchase and plug it back in.  I'm really glad it was too heavy for me to lift and was at least still on display.  THEN, after all that, she decided she would get one of my jewelry pieces.   Yeeee-ha.  Wait. Not so fast.  I had her try it on first, having just explained to her that it had been redesigned since the last time she saw it, with another customer in mind.  That other customer did not commit to purchase it after that, so I was putting it back on display in it's new incarnation.  She tried it on, and sure enough.....she wanted it back the way it was the FIRST time.  Sorry.  Not going to happen.  First of all,  freeform beading is just that.  I rarely know how I do things from one time to the next, let alone be able to change it back again exactly the same.  So she wasn't happy about that either.  Couldn't win with the customers today.
Hoping to do some beading tonight - maybe I can please someone else with what I create.
Peaceful beading, as time permits, 

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