Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gallery Days

Time to toot some horns!  Getting excited, and already planning my table layout for the Art Expo! at The East Lansing Public Art Gallery.  I'd planned to link you to a website for details about this wonderful facility, but can't find an exact link.  If you'd like, you can go to and look for arts and recreation info. 
Anyway - many of you may not know that I was featured for an entire month as an artist/exhibitor a few years back, and had a wonderful experience.  The facility is beautiful, and the director is, well, to put in mildly, very enthusiastic about 'her' artists.  She does a wonderful job of marketing, and makes sure each of us has ample media coverage.  This Art Expo! (just the exclamation point gives you a clue about her enthusiasm) is her brainchild, and is open to each of us that have exhibited there in the past, as well as any other art worthy individuals that we believe would fit into the mix.  I put one of my fellow artists in touch with her, and she'll be included that day too!  It's even more fun to do these types of shows when you know other vendors that are participating!
Here are a few of the photos from the exhibit I did in May of 2009 - The Beaded Garden.  The main focus of the entire exhibit was nature and flowers, my specialty:

If you've ever wondered how you could do an exhibit like this, where gallery patrons are constantly passing through to view the work, sometimes without gallery personnel, shadowboxes, the kind that open in the back, like a photo frame, are perfect.  I also had access to TWO beautiful boxed in display windows that could be viewed from two sides of the gallery. 
I'll post more info about the details of the event as time draws nearer.  Can't wait!
Off to start my busy day.  My 'book club' girls and I (there are 3 of us.  Does 3 constitute a club? lol) just finished "Water for Elephants", and decided to have a movie day this time - and watch the movie.  We've got a specialty popcorn store just down the road from our meeting space, so Sandy's bringing the movie, and I'm going to stop and get some special popcorn.  D'Onna is providing us with the office space/big screen TV.   Should be fun!  Roll 'em, Ferndock!
Peaceful beading,

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