Sunday, February 5, 2012


Decided to surf the Etsy listings this morning, just to see what is being put out there right now.  I'm still contemplating opening my shop again, and want to get a feel for the current competition.  And then I found this:

THIS is why it is so hard to compete in the beaded jewelry world.  If I make this necklace, with the materials that this person lists (from China) and put the time into it that I believe is only right to be paid for, it is going to be significantly MORE than the $19.00 list price they have on it.  That's right.  $19.00.
I don't even think I could buy quality Turquoise for that amount.  Let alone wire or sew all the flowers together and create a NICE, QUALITY piece of jewelry.  And that is probably what it comes down to.  Although I can't state for a fact that this is shoddy work (can't tell what the back or closure looks like), my guess is it isn't first rate.  And we already know that items coming from China are made by laborers who are paid very little. 
Not sure there's anything I, or any of us can do but shake our heads, and continue to try and create what we KNOW is quality work, with the higher price tag - BECAUSE IT'S WORTH IT. 
Beaders unite!  Be confident in what you do, and price your work accordingly.  I'm stickin' to my guns.  I hope you do too.
Peaceful beading,

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