Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Drumroll, please

Actually, TWO drumrolls.  The first - I made it to 7700 visitors!  7702, as a matter of fact!  YAY!  I wish I had a way of knowing WHO my lucky number visitor was - it almost seems prize worthy.  
And the other drumroll - and I apologize to the readers who feel back patting and horn tooting aren't cool - because I'm patting AND tooting today!  lol!   My dream of how I wanted Vintage Wynter to be changeable, from a 3 focal piece pendant, to one single - has been realized....I honestly don't know where the ideas come from, I believe something higher than myself is involved in my creativity lately - but here is what it looks like so far:

After much thinking, and planning, and a little bit of trial and error with some box clasps (thanks, Sally!), I came up with the hook and eye idea.  I still need to add bails to the top of each - I haven't decided about whether I want a big peyote bail on them all, or if I just want to create seed bead loops.  I will be creating a simple spiral rope for the necklace, using all of the purples and the white.  Unfortunately, I had to order more of one of the purple colors, and wouldn't you know, during a week with a government holiday, putting the mail behind a day.  So this may be where I stop with this piece for another day or two.  I'm very please with how it looks so far, though...

This photo is how the center pendant will look (minus bail), when worn alone.  I really love the dangles, which help disguise the eye rings needed for the hooks. 
The only part about this necklace that didn't quite work out as I planned, is that I had originally thought about making EACH pendant so that is could be worn separately.  Having used the hooks on the side pieces, though - they don't look quite right just hangin' out there alone. 
So anyway - this is what's on my bead table this Wednesday!
Peaceful beading,

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