Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back at it

It's been awhile since I've gone a whole week without blogging. And once again - no news is really just that - no news. I'm busy preparing for Saturday's Haslett Hometown Days arts and crafts fair. I've also been tweaking and beautifying my garden space - and enjoying sitting amongst the growing green beautiful things. I haven't beaded much at all, other than to do a few repairs for folks - or some last minute peacock pieces for Saturday - which I plan to reveal in the photo of the whole layout that day when I'm done. I did make this bracelet - I wanted to have it for Saturday, too, because it incorporates beads that Claudia made - and since we're sharing a tent, it will be good advertisement for her items, too.  But this one's mine!

   And I spent some time today going through some sketch ideas, some old mag projects, and THINK I have another unique idea to start - one of these days. I have so many things I still want to do - I have a couple of original projects that I would still like to turn into kits, and learn to turn the instructions into PDF's - but need to figure out how to draw illustrations IN the instructions first. So many things I want to do. Eventually.
But for now - I feel the need to be relaxing in my garden space, in my new deck rocker, with my babies, and a book, or two or three.....the beads will be here waiting when I'm ready.
Peaceful beading,


flyingbeader said...

Relaxing sometimes is the best thing to do

coolmoon said...

And relax I shall - although I've spent the better part of this beautiful Friday afternoon obsessing about what to take for displays tomorrow. Don't know what the WIND will do - but breezy days can make for messy days, if ya know what I mean.
Now to figure out what to wear (gotta consider that 'beaders handshake' statement piece) so that I don't have to put it together at 6am!