Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Music and (hopefully) magic

Last night was a perfect night for an outdoor concert.  Little humidity, a cool breeze.  While the band could have been better (I am such a music critic :0) ) it was still a fun time. 

Now about that magic.  I seriously need some.  Because once again, the mojo seems to have gone away.  It used to be that I could be working on a project, and before that one was even completed, I'd be forming another one in my head, and making notes, and stopping to pull out beads and focals, and practically starting the thing before I finished the first one.  Heck, sometimes I DID start one before I finished the first one.  But lately - few and far between.  Once "Learning to Fly" was finished - I had hoped to ease in to something new.  Alas, despite the ideas sparked during Marketplace on Sunday - nothing is actually forming on the table - hence the reason there's no Bead Table Wednesday today - the TABLE is BARE!  Certainly hoping that it is, once again, temporary.  
I did manage, over the course of the last few days, to put together the beads for my partner in the Bead Soup Blog Challenge.  Those are finally going out in the mail today.  My partner's name is Sally Anderson, and she lives in California.  Here is a link to her blog   check it out if you have a minute.  Looking forward to stirring up something great for this challenge.  I've always wanted to participate, and have been quite vocal about my opinion of the challenge - good and bad - in the past. No matter what though,  Lori Anderson (same last name as my partner!) is outstanding at organizing and putting this all together.  Thanks Lori!
I also put together a great prize package for the winner of my give away - Inge!  Inge - if you're reading this - look for them by the end of the week.
Hope your day is full of music and magic.  It is a beautiful day here - my morning glory vine is still reaching for the top of the arch, I've already seen the hummingbirds numerous times today, and the sky is BLUE, BLUE, BLUE!
Peaceful beading,


Anonymous said...

I got the beads I won today and love them! The colors are so bright and summery. I will make a necklace.

Anonymous said...

I got my master's degree at Michigan State and lived in Lansing and Okemos for 2 years. Small world. My husband still has relatives in Traverse City, Detroit, and Howell so we do go back every few years.