Monday, July 2, 2012

Look what Inge did!

As you may recall, I did a give away in honor of my 10,000th blog visitor a week or two ago.  Inge VonRoos was the winner, and THIS is what she did with the beads that I sent!:

 I sent her the vintage corrugated turquoise beads, the butterflies, and the small, brighter beads.  Inge added just the right matching lampwork beads (her specialty) to make it shine!  Isn't it beautiful? 
Thank you, Inge, for doing my beads the justice they deserved.  :0)

And while "Aware" (the hot pink goddess piece) is awaiting the rest of her pieces and parts (Hobby Lobby trip planned for tomorrow) - here's what I'll be starting during my beading day with Sharon today:

is the name I think it's given itself, - we'll see when all is said and done.  This is going to be quite the detailed piece - you aren't even seeing some of the yellow and bronze-y colors of accents beads that will accompany. And I'm all about the faces again.  Maybe that's what has been lacking in my work, and in my energy lately!  I LOVE working with the faces, and it's been ages since I've done so.  The light dawns!  YAY!
Hope everyone has a safe and happy Independence Day.  If you MUST play with those loud, nerve wracking fireworks - please do so safely. 
Peaceful beading,

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed making the necklace with the beads you sent me. I used colors I have never used before and like a lot. I wore the necklace to a party last weekend.