Thursday, September 20, 2012


That's the name of my newest creation - and it's a custom one at that!

The customer is a BEESWAX candle and product vendor - so when she asked me "I don't suppose you could create a bee pendant?" I was excited to say "Yes, as a matter of fact I CAN!"  I will "bee" giving this one a good start in the next few days.  She's also going to be purchasing THIS one at the same time:

Petoskey Pride.  I can't believe that I STILL HAVE this piece since it had a lengthy stay at a Michigan product based art gallery, AND about 3 different art fairs since then.  Finally.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner - or as the case may be - petoskey pendant.  Now I really want to make another one - and see how long that one hangs around.  Lucky for me - I have a teardrop shaped Petoskey cab just waiting around here somewhere to be beaded.  I will add it to the 'queue'....
Wish me luck for the weekends big two day show event.  The weather is definitely not going to be as sunny warm and toasty as it was last year; Saturday is calling for scattered showers (hopefully few and far between) and only in the 50s.  Good time to wear and model my new hat that my knitting friend Mary made me, since she's one of the girls with whom I'll be sharing booth space.  And mittens too....
Sunday is supposed to be just a tad warmer, and we'll be in the pavilion then - but beings that I'm on the outside wall, near an open doorway (perfect spot for catching a cool breeze in the summer) it may not be such a great spot when it's chilly.  Again - Mary's hat and mittens may need to be modeled.  lol.
Hope your day is peaceful and full of beads,

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