Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Application Day

Today may be the first day back to school for the kids around here, but for ME - it's application day.  Filling out the applications and sending in the fees for the next few craft shows and art fairs that I plan to take part in.  It seems weird to JUST be doing this in September for shows IN September and October - but hey,  THEY, the organizers, were last minute lucy's about getting the info to us this year.  Maybe it is easier for them to keep track of all the apps if they arrive all at once within a two week span instead of throughout the year (the app used to be available within weeks after the previous show).  Not sure why it took so long this time - but in any case - today's the day!  This is what my table looked like for LAST years October show:

This years table will be brighter - TEALER. Peacock-ier! More like the table from my Art Market shows.  I will also have LIGHTS this year!
Today is also the day to package up yet another ETSY sale!  Whahooo!  That's two in one week.  It's a first, and I hope it WON'T be a last.  I noticed a little more activity on the site the last few days, despite the fact that I'd almost given it up again.  So back to listing - just one or two a day for a bit.  Just beads.  I want to keep my jewelry available for the upcoming shows.  Then when those are over, IF there's anything left (I know-laugh if you must) starting in January there will be lots of jewelry listed - and lots of marketing to that affect.  At least - that's the September plan.  ;0)  So spread the word if you are a bead lover - shescool on Etsy is selling TONS of semi precious beads - I think my prices are pretty fair, AND I do free 1st class shipping in the U.S.!  BONUS!  I hope you'll take a look - the link is to the right just waiting for you to click it!   I also have a Cool Moon Creations Facebook business page that you can like - I link it to each Etsy listing, giving you a heads up before the surfers!  Go LIKE me!
There.  As if there weren't enough horns tooting out front - being right across the street from TWO schools - I'm tooting my OWN horn today!  hahahaha
Hope your day is a happy one.  If you have kids - and they shuffled on off to experience learning, have a GREAT one.  Live a little.  Celebrate!  One of my Facebook friends was having "Mommy Mimosas" with another mom on Skype as the kids went out the door.  What a fun idea!
Peaceful beading,


Chelle said...

I love the teals... Great looking table of goodies.

coolmoon said...

Thanks, Micehladas. That was the first time I used my freshly painted teal display, combined with the lighter table coverings. I LIKE it! I'll also have a small table of beady goodies devoted to Halloween. BOO!