Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Widow's Web

This is the bracelet.  The original plan was - and I THINK still is - to make this bracelet be a removeable portion of a necklace - so that the necklace can be long and flowy and spooky - or short and sassy.  BUT - the necklace portion hasn't worked itself out in my head yet - so we'll go with just the bracelet for now.  The 'widow' - the spider - is removeable (it's a pin) - so that it can be worn all the time.  But I kinda like it with the spider.  Very macab.....this one's $85.00 as just the bracelet. 
Getting ready for what is probably going to end up being a busy day.  A call from Mom before 9am has resulted in a trip to Mason for a craft show and a park wide garage sale.  Before 10am. 
So off I go to Mickey D's for caffeinated refreshment and fortification.

Peaceful beading.   And if you haven't finished our "In the Pink" hop - so fun.  Take the time to check it out.  Lori was indeed touched.  That was the plan.  :0)

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