Thursday, September 6, 2012

Madness....or genius?

 Have you ever had an original thought - a true intention - and then had it go off on it's own way?  Is it madness?  Part of being creative?  Or just plain pure genius?  Because - as true as my intention was to work on Halloween designs yesterday - this is what happened instead:

Totally NOT Halloween, but yet one more design to add to the peacock pieces that headline the table at shows.  Not sure why - but the colors and sizes all came together, so I went with it.  I hope to get back to the original spooky plan today, which was finish what will be one of my "Chunky Charm" bracelets - this being the 'charm' portion of it:

And then, to complicate things even further (aka deeper into the madness) - I came across a bag with THESE in it, which sparked another bit of creative genius, I HOPE - if something else doesn't get in the way first.  These were pieces and parts from a Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild class with Tatiana VanIten a few years ago:

I never finished the actual piece (I think it was called Tennessee Summer), but rather used the pieces and parts created during the class to make other things.  These are what remain - and will become a two sided pendant - with chain, and some vintage antique leaf charms and other things thrown in - again - I HOPE.  This is sparking - but is a little far down on the list to be any brighter at the moment.  First things first - I hope to have that chunky charm bracelet ready for sale by the weekend....along with finding time to create a handmade birthday card, and homemade cookies, work my bookstore shift AND do book club with the girls.  Whew!
Hope your day stays on the straight and narrow - or NOT!  Sometimes I think NOT can be more fun, but it can also lead to lots more work!
Peaceful beading,

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