Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Festival in a bag (well, ok, four....)

Everyone always seems to be amazed at how I can consolidate my 'stuff' for shows.  Heck yeah.  Cuz most of the time I am the only one that is hauling the stuff from the house-to the car-to the show-to the car-to the house again.  So I need as few trips as possible.  The only thing missing from this photo are the two tables and folding chair for Saturdays show.  Most of the time, I will pay extra if I can to have the tables provided - cuz it sure beats hauling THOSE.  Hubby WILL be helping me on Saturday though (we need tallness for tent prep) so hauling tables shouldn't be an issue.

There is a bag and little metal scrollwork display table behind the rolling cart.  Otherwise - that's it.  And it's got to fit in my ancient Cavalier too, so that's another reason to consolidate.  What can I say - I'm just good at squeezing and squishing.  I've found table fabrics that never wrinkle, and display items that nest and stack.  Rolling carts are always helpful - but this one only fits in the front seat.  Still - it holds ALL of my black velvet displays, mirrors, and the like.  Still get dog hair on them - but not as bad as they used to!  LOL!
Wish me luck for the show this weekend.  Chilly temps (only in the 50's) and a chance of rain both days.  Hats, mittens, sweaters and layers of clothing will be top priority.  Let's just hope the customers won't let a little chill in the air stop them.  Heck, after roasting and toasting all summer long - maybe they'll like a little bit of chilly weather.  Cool them off!
Peaceful beading,

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