Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's not because I don't love you

Honest.  I appreciate and love every visitor I get to my babble-y little blog.  But it seems that there's an issue with the comments that I truly don't understand.

I know that Blogger is Google based.   Which in and of itself is a pain because they also run the show at my OTHER email address - so it's log in/log out/log in/log out every stinkin' time I wanna blog.
But unless and until I get someone (besides the UNHELPFUL desk.  Been there.  They are NOT) to show me the ins and outs and tells me WHY it's so important for me to +,  GFC and RSS, and all the other initial stuff they're asking for - please forgive me if you aren't able to comment.  I DO have my email address listed, so feel free to email me.  I also welcome comments to the FaceBook post that I share regarding my blog.  So if we're friends - you can always comment there.  And if we're not - ask to friend me!  If you love beads, or dogs, or gardening, and/or LIFE, chances are - we're buds!  (But if you're looking for a game friend - sorry - no FB games for me.).
So anyway - I don't mean to offend.  Or diss. Or leave anyone out.  Heck, I can't even comment on my OWN BLOG if someone DOES comment.  So how screwed up is that?  I hope I can find a way to fix it.
So everyone will be happy and commenting.  ALL THE TIME.

Peaceful beading,


Marcia DeCoster said...

I like your blog and I think I can comment too!

coolmoon said...

Cool, Marcia! I can comment by logging OUT of one account, and IN to another - guess that's better than NEVER! THANKS for reading my blog - it's wordy - but it's ME!