Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Great Day!

Didn't think it would start out that way - but what a great day! I submitted my finalized competition piece to Scarlett - and although she has to be hush hush about finalists - she was "very glad I participated". She may say that to everyone - but I get the feeling that mine was quite different than many of the others-in a GOOD way.
My biggest surprise was the email from when I got home. is a very, VERY popular website - where you can learn how to go ABOUT doing almost, well, ok, everything! They are looking for a new web bead article & project publisher, and they extended the invitation for me to apply! You bettya! Where do I sign? And the pay is quite good, too.
Not getting my hopes up - but what a great day for boosting my beading ego. I won't hear from Scarlett about the contest for at least six weeks - and not for 6 to 8 weeks for the About job. But I'm crossing everything I've got that can be crossed!
My poor hubby is beginning to think he got rooked on the Liberty sale. The HORN, a horn of all things - seems to be unfixable because of the placement of the airbag. So off to yet another dealership tomorrow, who hopefully will know how to get to the wiring harness. Why do they have to build these things so difficult to FIX? I know, I know, so you have to pay more for the maintenance. yayaya. At least we won't have to pay. The original dealership where we bought it has agreed to pay for the fix. WhooHOOO!
TTFN - and cross all you got too that I get that Gig!

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