Thursday, February 26, 2009

Babbling about beads and stuff

It's been one of those weeks. GREAT sales at the beginning of the week, and then screeeeeech.
Halt. There's been nary a soul for 2 days. I suppose I could blame the economy if I wanted to buy into that. For the most part I've been doing quite well - economy be hanged. Even the schoolhouse has been a bit slower than usual - and all the customers we do get have been here all at once - enough that we have both registers running, and someone walking the floor checking on customers. IF we have the people. I swear everyone that sells antiques in this place had the good sense to hightail it to Florida for the month. So we're a bit worker short. And a few tempers short too. There a few personality clashes, with people that don't usually work together often working together ALL THE TIME. I'm glad I can just sit back here and either ignore, or take it in quietly. I get up and walk or wait as I'm needed. Otherwise - call me beaded.
I am also a bit frustrated with my brain at the moment. I seem to have lost or misplaced (or possibly had stolen) a couple HUNDRED dollars worth of jewelry pieces. Can't find them anywhere. One was to be for the Exhibition. I was bringing them both here from home - and can't for the life of me find them. They may possibly have gotten stolen, thrown away, or fallen out of my bag. Any scenario means the same thing. A HUGE loss of some of my favorite pieces.
I just wish I could REMEMBER if I actually put them somewhere. Urgh.
Think I may scoot out early.....

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