Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sunny Days are here again!

Finally. More than just a few hours of sunshine. I think it's making everyone, including myself, much happier. Hopefully that means they'll start moving around and getting out and buying BEADS! I had an average month last month compared to the above average ones the last 3, which made it hard to adjust come bill paying time. Plus it's hubby's birthday month, so I need to find the extra in the budget for that. And since I know he reads this blog - no, I'm not going to mention what he's getting. (haha).
I am getting closer to being ready for the May Exhibition. Feeling a little nervous and apprehensive about it. I hope the shadowbox is going to be the solution to keeping my pieces safe. Plus I still haven't been back there to measure and re-evaluate the space. My fault - just plain haven't wanted to go, or go alone. I will HAVE to go soon - because I have to start finalizing and finishing the shadowboxes. I think I only need to purchase one more - maybe two. I would need three if I could find the lost jewelry. My friend Laura - who is a fairly accurate "closet" psychic, says they're in a dark, low, shallow box - she feels at the shop still.
I've looked everywhere there, though. Still nothing. It's about $300 dollars worth of pieces, so finding them would make me VERY HAPPY.
Think I need to make a trip to Old Town again in the next few days. Poor Jerry. That bookstore has been around a long time, so I know he hates to have to let it go - but he just doesn't have the metaphysical energies that it is going to take, or the customer base, to keep it running much longer. Too bad. Much of it has to do with his attitude towards "New Age" philosophies, some of it due to his employees, some of it to his choice of new location. HE should have realized back when he bought the place with no knowledge of, or DESIRE to adopt the metaphysical energies that there would be issues. He's moved three times in hopes of changing that - but the same energy and same employees move with him. And now there is a truly metaphysical minded shop to rival him within 2 miles of his current space (they were there first), where many of his former customers, including myself, have worked, do work and shop. But I am still somewhat loyal to the shop that helped change my life, though. I feel bad for him, and wish I had some advice to help him. But alas, I feel The Mountain's end is near....
The Babbling Beader

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