Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting used to Facebook

Still playing with the new concept - Facebook. So far - all but one of my friends are my nieces and nephews. Fun way to keep up with what they are doing - as long as they are being good. :)

Gonna try to do my first bead order with PayPal today - still not sure how that works either. Does all this newfangled computer technology make me feel really old? You betcha.

Not much else for a blog today - anxiously awaiting more signs of spring. My bleeding heart bush out front is poking out, and I think my Peonies may be, too. Still haven't seen much of my perennials out back - but they are mostly north facing - so it may take longer. But when my garden is in bloom...this is what I have to look forward to.....


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

I joined facebook and blogger with trepidation just a few months back. But now, feel oh so comfortable.

Funny thing. I sell lots of books and kits via PayPal - but have never had he nerve to buy anything!! Silly me!

Amazing how the 30's and under don't go through that unsure phase re. internet info.

coolmoon said...

So far the Facebook is taking up too much beading time - so I may have to keep my laptop at home more often. It's fun keeping up with the family though - seeing photos of grand nieces and nephew that I normally wouldn't see.
Hope I get my "beading mojo" back soon!