Thursday, March 19, 2009

Killin' Time

I've got some time to kill - what better time to blog! I've started the website cancellation process. Another one of those insufferable automated systems that you have to wade through only to discover that due to "unusually high" caller volume, they aren't accepting any calls right now. Urgh. So - after having to change my password YET AGAIN (one reason for the cancellation) - I finally was able to reach the email support page. Made my cancellation & REFUND request. We'll see how fast they respond.
So glad spring is finally "springing!" Sunny every day this week. AND it's a good hair day. Can't get better than that. Well - the temperature could be warmer - like 80. 80 would be good.
I'm starting to really enjoy this blog thing. And I'm really enjoying finding other fellow beading bloggers and their sites. I can see why people can be online for hours. I got carried away surfing blogs last night and realized it was after midnight! So fun, though. And imagine my surprise at finding the blog of one of my fellow Great Lakes Bead Guild members! All those shiny familiar faces! I'll have to see if my Monday night group will let me photograph them for my blog. And get them blogging, too, while I'm at it! And as an added blog bonus - I'm taking my laptop to the shop with me today - so I can blog AGAIN. So I've gone from blogging every 2 or 3 months - to updating regularly. I think I may be addicted. Sort of like my Biggby Mocha Caramels. $4.25 a pop. I'm trying to wean myself off. But today's a Mocha Caramel day for sure....
Doesn't sound like I need caffeine does it? Haven't had any yet - so I may bounce off my pegboard walls today!
TTFN! Off I go into blog world....
The Babbling Beader (so much more today than usual!)

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