Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sometimes It Pays

Sometimes it pays to open my mouth. I decided to give my web hosting service people a "piece of my mind" via return email about the whole don't call us-email/email can't help so call issue.
And lo and behold - they took pity on me and did as I asked. They cancelled my website and cancelled my account. Whalaa. Now how hard was that? You bet I'll be checking my credit card statement to be sure they actually credit me - but no more sitting on the phone for minutes and minutes and minutes. Yay!
Back to the shop today for a rare Sunday. Last day of the spring open house. We'll need to do something different next year about those door prizes - great concept - but we keep FORGETTING to tell people they can choose one! Fat lot of good that does! We'll need to put up posters or something next time. Oh well. I'm having a great turn out - and even better sales, and having fun throughout. Although charging someone $75.00 for a .75 cent item, and neither of us catching it until the sale was complete was a BIT embarrassing. Luckily, she was a good, no GREAT, sport about it - because she's my best customer!
I'm almost finished with my latest project - the tatted and embellished choker that's a collaboration of my sister in law's tatting and my beading. Very unique. LIKE ME! I'll post a photo when it's done - which should be today.
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