Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crazy couple days

It's kind of funny how things that you don't particularly like or want just seem to insinuate themselves into your life - at the family gathering for my husband's step mother that died yesterday, we find that one of his step cousins has formed - and is becoming quite a hit with - a RAP group. Our least favorite form of music, yet we find ourselves in conversation about music genres and production and even having to listen to a line or two. Why couldn't he have chosen the BLUES? Or even Country? Way to go, Adam - aka Shrug.....I hope he's not planning to do a RAP tribute to his grandmother....
Was hoping for a nice quiet nite in front of the TV - but hubby has decided to start learning some new piano riffs while talking about them on the phone. A little distracting, to say the least. But at least they're not RAP (but rather Van Halen).
Thanks to those of you who've sent and called with condolences. We're share them with the family, and all will be well again soon...

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