Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big changes for Cool Moon

Sometimes I think the people that still don't use computers have the right idea. Because dealing with hosts and servers and whoever can be a real pain. It's made me come to the conclusion that as much as I dislike change - that's exactly what I'm going to do.
So look for some big changes for Cool Moon. I'll be dumping the website - something I've been meaning to do for awhile, anyway. I don't use it to sell anything, and I email pertinent info to my customers that want it. Now that I have this blog - I can and will also post info here. I've also been urged and finally pushed to take the plunge and get a Facebook page. That will take the place of my website. I think it will be fun, and a more up to date way to keep in touch with old customers - and possibly gain new ones.
It may take me a little while to make the changes - but after the morning that I had (and am still having, since it hasn't been resolved) with my email server and their "helpful" upgrades (yeah, right) - deciding to make the change has helped to calm me. Somewhat. I'm hoping my beads will do the rest.
A stressed out Babbling Beader

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Marcia DeCoster said...

oh, my, just stumbled across your blog on a link from Beverly's and it must be in the air, because I just posted a similar sentiment about keeping up with all the technology that makes this all go around...good luck