Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Brain

Usually my Sunday mornings are calm, quiet, warm and toasty. For some reason this morning has been quite productive - home wise and idea wise! First of all - in the hopes of starting to get some new readers, and maybe even followers of this blog - I am going to try and update and personalize the layout in the next few days. Then, after running my idea past a few beady friends - I may post my proposal for a challenge here - as well as on my website. It's a secret for now - but let me say that Beverly Gilbert's blog started my brain on a journey that ended in a a really cool way!
Not much time to blog today - have to get dinner going in the crock pot so that I can go off on a beading date with a friend. She had some shoulder surgery a month or so ago - and we haven't beaded together since. Since it's a rainy, blah day out there - what better way to spend it than with beads - and friends.
More on the challenge idea later....
The Babbling Beader


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Your day sounds fabulous!

Would love a crock pot recipe...

coolmoon said...

Sorry it's taken so long to reply - since the time change on Sunday, my worlds' been spinning out of control - an hour behind schedule!
It WAS a fabulous day - and I followed it up by meeting with a Monday group that I sometimes bead with. Lots of ooohs and aaahs are always good for the ego.
As far a crock pot "recipes" - mine usually consist of onion soup mix, either broth or water and veggies and meat. Sundays was carrots and turkey breast. Todays is a Venison roast. So simple to just through it all in and let it cook all day while I'm off doing other things - like beading...
Love your website/blogsite - it's inspired me to make some changes (thanks for the comments). I'm going to switch from a web page to a FACEBOOK page. Plus my blog.
Long story. Short on time. Really long reply!
Have a wonderful bead filled day.
Cool Moon