Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ticklish anyone?

Just teasing. But "Ticklish" is the name of this newest piece. My husband actually named it. Thanks, honey. All I could think of was "Fun". Yours is better.
This is one of my favorite design elements - fringing and then adding fun fur. I also created the clasp from seed beads, too. (See top left-only because I couldn't get it to go anywhere else!)
I've heard from Scarlett Lanson about the Muse contest - there are 60 other entrants besides myself! Yikes. They've got quite the job to do - choosing winners from that group. I can't wait to see all the other entrants designs - and I can't wait to FINALLY be able to publish a photo of mine. We had to keep it secret. The only people that have seen it are visitors to my beadshop, and none of them were entrants. Hope to hear the final word by weeks end.
Hope everyone has a beautiful day. It's finally a snow free Michigan. At least where I am, at least for now....
The Babbling Beader

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Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Very fun colors! I love the saturation.

Thanks for your note on my blog - I hope that my color discussions stimulate some creative juices!

(I'll try the shower curtain thing, it's due for a change. Doc says this bug is an 8 weeker though - ugh.)