Monday, March 30, 2009

Procrastination Day

I'm supposed to be cleaning my house to prepare for company at the end of the week - but I am SOOO not in the mood. So I'm trying to find every excuse to keep me otherwise occupied! Therefore - blogging is in order.
The above piece is a collaboration between my sister in law - Lynn Mayes - and myself. She is a wonderful tatter; she tatted the black and ecru choker, which I then focalled with a cab and embellished. It turned out beautifully - very vintage looking.
I've got a few unfinished pieces too - I'll be looking for inspiration in my gajillion beading books and magz this week...hey, maybe that's what I'll do instead of clean!

1 comment:

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

The best things happen while we are procrastinating on something else!

Very fun piece!