Sunday, March 8, 2009

Adding Photos

This is one of my favorite pieces - and the one that appears on the cover of my book. Doing freeform, fly by the seat of my jeans beading is by far my favorite. This piece came about simply by placing new seed beads in a tray next to an old piece of synthetic Turquoise. Voila! "Rainforest".

My thanks to Bevery Ash Gilbert for providing me with a link that took me to another link that provided me with an idea that I'll be packaging as kits at my shop. "Beading Nature" will be a kit that includes a printed photo of a pretty place - either the beach, or the forest, or the sunset-whatever. Along with the photo will be beads - some seed beads, some findings, some accents. There will be no instructions other than an invitation to use the photo to inspire them to create something (or more than one thing) beautiful from the beads provided, and by adding anything else they want. I'm hoping to put it all together for around $30. Now that I finally broke down and signed up for PayPal, I may someday sell them on my website. I will start with the bead shop first, and see what kind of response I get.
So hey, you lucky readers, (and beaders!) 2 blogs in one day! My blogging is definitely improving!

The Babbling Beader

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