Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Vernal Equinox!

That means it's the FIRST DAY OF SPRING! WhooHOOO! And it's sunny out too. I remember in years past that the first day of spring looked more like middle of winter around here. I'm sure the snow isn't done - after all it's Michigan and it's only March - but let's hope we're done with the MASSIVE PILES of it. A flurry or two - or even an inch - I can deal with.

And in other news.....I'm hoping to get started on the "Too Cute" button bracelet instructions and sample pieces this weekend - IF I have time during the Open House. The bracelet came about when an elderly woman brought me a baggy of old vintage hand painted buttons that HER mother made (so very vintage) and said "make me a bracelet". It only took 2 tries to find the perfect solution - and an original one that I can teach, submit to magazines, and sell as my own.
I am sending all my antique and yard sale friends on a vintage shank button search - but am also going to use modern buttons too. I'm very excited about this project - the possibilities for creativity with it are practically endless...
Oh, and that response from the web host? ha. They responded and said they couldn't help me through email - I'd have to CALL them. But then when you call them, you get the automated "We're experiencing higher than normal caller volume" voice, telling you to please EMAIL them with your issue. Ok. So are all of them just sitting around and not doing anything? My guess is YES! Very frustrating. It's like all we have to do in our lives is sit on hold and wait for them to get done filing their nails. Double frustrating.
Busy morning baking cookies for the open house. I sure hope it's a busy one. Our television ad looks and sounds great (finally, actual footage of my booth and not just a box of beads) - and is running during PRIME TIME (bonus!). It's also supposed to be a nice weekend - not too nice as to have people working outdoors, but no snow or nasty weather - so hopefully it will bring people in.
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