Friday, April 3, 2009

Another restless night

Awake again by 3:30 am. I LOVE that my hubby is home with me at night for a change (he normally works the graveyard shift), but BECAUSE I usually sleep alone, I just can't sleep with him in there with me. I tried reading, but just can't get back to sleep stage.
Our dinner plans for this evening have fallen through again - for the second time. I'm not going to push to reschedule - they have busy schedules, and I don't want to add to the frenzy. She and I spend enough time together at the shop during the week. And once it's nice and warm enough for fishing - I'm sure the guys will bond together just fine. But now I have meat thawed and groceries purchased that still need to be used up - by two people, instead of four. I think some creative cooking and freezer room will be needed...
Not too wild about this PayPal system so far. On only my second attempt to make bead purchases with it, there was a computer glitch - which caused them to DOUBLE withdraw money from my account, which in turn caused a check to bounce, which cost me $25.00. So now I need to come up with some extra money to put back in my account. I'm going to try to contact them about putting that extra amount BACK into my checking rather than leave it in my PayPal account - but I think even doing that will cost me some sort of fee. Lovely. I'm kind of disappointed in this situation, because I was hoping this would be a partial solution to the outragious credit card company changes that they just hit me with. Don't get me started - but I was TRYING not to use them for anything other than my advertising, so that I can pay down the tripled balance quicker, and then tell them to take a hike.
There. Hopefully that little mini rant will help me relax. I'm kind of looking forward to next week - Sunday I'll find out for sure what kind of showcase space I'll have at the art gallery, I have a friend coming to bead with me one day, and then that same friend along with myself and some others have an out of town bead buying trip planned. So back to the PayPal thing - if I can get them to redeposit my $85 - I'll have more to spend at Bead Haven. Crossing my fingers!
Guess I'll go do my kitchen chores. It doesn't feel like sleep will be returning tonight (or should I say this morning.)
Yawning - but awake...

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