Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Busy schedule - and a book review

Wow. Have I got a lot to do this month! Not only am I putting the finishing touches on my gallery exhibit, but I've got merchandise for my new collectible booth to inventory and price. Whew! I'm going to take a day to play and relax tomorrow with a trip to Frankenmuth and Bead Haven with friends (they really should have called it Bead HEAVEN). Then I'll have to buckle down and get it all done. Sunday being a holiday will force me to have to stay home and get crackin'!
And on the book review note - on a trip to Schuler Books a few months ago, I came across a book that sounded intriguing, so I requested it from the library. Popular book - I waited, and I waited. Finally - last week I get the notice that it's in. I get it. I dive in. Well, let me tell ya - It's very irritating when the people that write those little teasers for the dust jacket don't quite give you the whole and true context of the book. I finished it last night, and was very disappointed. Not at all what I thought it would be. What first intrigued me about it was the setting - Ann Arbor - not even an hour away. The author, an Ann Arbor native and U of M alum. The references to actual landmarks and streets and surrounding cities were cool - but the rest of it.....if American Idol's Simon where to critique this book - my guess is he would not be impressed. The book, by the way - Dream House by Valerie Laken. Live and learn....I guess it will only make the anxiously awaited new Nevada Barr book that much better - I KNOW that will be good. Can't wait. She'll be here in town doing a book signing on Saturday - if I can tear myself away, I'd LOVE to meet her.
OH NO! Gotta go! I just heard another bat in the belfry! (AKA the chimney flue...) Let's hope this one can find his own way OUT....

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