Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter for the most part....

HOPPY Easter everyone! We're spending the day with one of my husband's brothers and his extended family (his wife has children and grandchildren that drive us CRAZY!). Never the less - we'll also spend time with our nephew, niece, and greatniece too - and probably do some Wii-ing to boot. So it should be a fun day - and it's GORGEOUS! It's been forever since it's been NICE on Easter - usually it's either too cold, or rainy, or even, as least year- snowy. So we're definitely going to enjoy. It's about a 50 minute drive from home to Eaton Rapids - it will be lovely...
It's also sort of a sad day for me. I found out this morning (from a very unlikely source) that The Mountain Books & Gifts - the store that I came to love, the store I ran for so many years, the store that helped me BE who I am - has closed it's doors. I've been in contact with him recently, and thought it might be coming - but he'd always found a way to squeak by in the past. It was hard to keep him on the positive, prosperity thinking path. Then, unfortunately - this last store move, along with the decision to keep on an employee that was troublesome - was the last straw. I'm sorry to see it go. It was never the same, though- when the new owner took over. Too bad. I wish them well.
I on the other hand - am revelling and rolling in prosperity and positive outcome at the moment! I had a record breaking sales DAY last week, that will help bring me the funds to finally purchase some NEW merchandise. I've been doing a lot of "Re" cycling lately - repackaging, reusing, and relocating the items in the shop. And it's working! The customers don't seem to know (or care) that the beads are over 2 years old - and they've been buying it all up!
Almost ready for the art gallery - the butterflies are fluttering more and more every day. I have most of the descriptions and prices done, have everything here at home to do a final inventory and run through of every piece - can't wait for it to get here. Can't wait for it to be done. An entire month in a prestigious gallery during the month of the local Art Festival, AND Mother's Day! I think those are the bells on a cash register I hear ringing!
Well, now that I've overbaked the brownie dessert, I'll go see if I've overdried and wrinkled my clothes...
TTFN and have a great day!

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