Friday, April 17, 2009

Time has wiiiinnngggss.

Man. I can't believe it's Friday already - ALMOST Saturday, since it's after 10 at night. Been sooooo busy - but good busy, not crazy busy. Pricing and inventorying new beads, waiting on customers, and finishing up gallery exhibit pieces is all very busy - but profit making - stuff.
Went out for awhile tonight - had a good steak, a little hubby one on one conversation, and we even played darts again - after about a YEAR of just being too dang tired and busy after dinner. We used to go 4 or 5 games - no problem. Tonight we barely made it through 2. I didn't suck though - and in fact, I won the first game, and pretty nicely too. That last bullseye was dead center. Took about 500 throws to get it - but it sure was perty!
Hope I'll get a chance to "blog" next week. Terry's hernia surgery is Tuesday- which we are both getting nervous about. Having NEVER had any kind of surgery for anything EVER - we have no idea what to expect, how his system will react, and how post op will go. I don't know if he'll need my help for hours afterwards - or DAYS. So send good thoughts.
I'll be sure to include an update next time....

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