Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bloggy blah day

I brought up my blog screen, then sat here for a minute - and wasn't sure I felt like blogging. It's a gray, rainy day here in beadland, which I know will ultimately bring us beautiful days of lovely flowery goodness - but right now it's blah.
I finished a very different piece yesterday - wasn't really sure I was in the beading mood - and I have a ton of other things I could have been doing, but bead I did - but it's very different from what I usually do. The only weaving technique involved is a few peyote tubes added - otherwise it's wrapped loops of beads on chain, with the focal piece being a brass component glued around a huge piece of unpolished Kyanite. I've had it forever - and just recently decided to try to play with it. I used a second matching brass component - unfolded - attached to one side of the chain. Again - an assymetrically different way to go for me. I've named the piece - which also includes fiber - "Bohemian Butterfly". - I will post a photo soon
I think today I'll start the piece that was inspired by the Bleeding Hearts in my yard. I've pulled all the beads together - but we'll see what the day brings when I get to the shop.
On a completely NON-Bead rant-I am sick (no pun intended) of the media hype and the subsequent HYSTERIA they are creating about the Swine Flu. My niece works in a hospital ER in Kalamazoo - and says EVERYONE all of sudden believes that whatever symptoms they have are Swine Flu related. It's crazy. People are afraid to do ANYTHING. It's going to further effect the economy if they don't stop. People will be afraid to leave their homes or even function.
There. That's my rant. Time to get on with my day....

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