Thursday, April 23, 2009

Creative even when it's crazy....

Even though I had to stay home yesterday and play nursemaid - it didn't keep me from having a creative surge. If it hadn't been for my late Tuesday afternoon mail - it never would have happened....I received some brass components from Brass Bouquet that had been on back order. I had my wonderful new teal, coppery, & deep blue beads with me, but had no idea what to do with them - UNTIL the teal, coppery, & deep blue beads MET the back ordered brass component! WHAALAA!
I'm in the process of fringing the necklace - and will post a finished photo by tomorrow. I THINK it will be called "Treasures of the Deep" because even though there are leaves -there are also seashell beads - and it has a very ocean swirly like feel. I also want to make a fringe bracelet to match. If they turn out like I think they will (spectacular!) they will be what I wear to my Gallery Exhibition Open House next Sunday....
I'm going in to the shop today - the girls said yesterday was a great day - even without me. I hope today is even better. Hubby's mom is coming over to "babysit". He is not recovering as quickly as we expected - even with a new prescription for Vicodin. We may call the surgeon's office again tomorrow if the pain and discomfort don't subside. He's probably not even going to be able to report back to work on Sunday night - so any extra time with have to be unpaid...:(

Guess I better go check on him one more time. Get him his drugs, his drink, his ice, and his TV remote - mom won't be here for a few hours....hope he doesn't drop anything.


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Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Look forward to the final product.
Should be 'Creative because it's crazy!'