Sunday, April 5, 2009

Art Gallery Jitters

Went to the open house at the art gallery today - just so I could refocus on the room, and on the showcases. Yikes. I had actually forgotten that there are TWO of them - viewable from both hallway and inside the gallery - so I've got twice the space to fill! I've got the shadowboxes all planned, and oddly - those were what I thought would perplex me the most. NOW I have to come up with an entire nuther case FULL of exhibit worthy pieces - both sellable and NFS's. I sure wish I could get spirit to miraculously show me what happened to those 3 missing pieces - they'd be perfect additions at this point. I will now quickly be finishing some pieces that I'd only just started on before. Down to the wire....and I don't like to be. I obsess and I am ALWAYS ready way ahead of time. I sure wish I'd taken the time to find out about those showcases before today. (truthfully - I thought I'd hear from the director before now). PLUS - to top it all off - I'm going to have to give a speech. HORRORS! I don't do public speaking. Call it stage fright, call it nerves, call it whatever you want - but I'll be a shaking, jittering mushy puddle before it's done. I just hope that's not the day the reporters choose to bring the video cameras.....
And on a totally different note - we are awaiting Mother Nature's little spring surprise in the next 24 hours - 6 to 10 inches of snow. Yup - we're in Michigan. We weren't wearing coats at all yesterday, and in fact had our lunch outdoors. Yup - we're in Michigan.
Obsessing, freezing and babbling all at the same time....

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