Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Day Closer

We are getting closer to that new vehicle - finally. I'm actually taking today off so that I can chauffeur HIM and serve as taxi service between dealership, mechanic, and wherever else he has to go to get this thing DONE. I'm glad this chauffeur stuff will be over soon - for both of us. What a pain. It may not be the perfect vehicle - my leg and arm muscles will get a workout from pulling up to get in and jumping down to get out - but hey - maybe that's a good thing!
Yesterday was a day of contests - working on a piece FOR one, and then coming home and entering two more of them. This is something I used to consider silly - and I'd rarely win anything (only one or two minor things) whenever I did. But I figured, what the heck - the contest for BeadStyle magazine has HUGE prizes - and several winners to be chosen. There are probably 1,000's if not 1,000,000's of entrants - but what the heck. Sorta like the lottery - you can't win if you don't play. The other one is one that I have a better chance at - the software & publishing company that I used to write my book asked me to fill out a survey about their software - ironically, something I had planned to email them suggestions about, anyway. So in return for answering their questions, which took all of 10 minutes TOPS, I get entered to win an IPOD Nano. KWL.
And since I can think of nothing else to blog about except the weather - Rain is better than snow but still BORING - TTFN.

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