Friday, February 13, 2009

Password Woe

Boy, you would think it was Mercury Retrograde (Astrologese for wacky planetary movement) the way things are going for me today. None of the sites that I have logged onto today seem to want to remember or acknowledge my password. It doesn't help that half of them insist on some funky combination of letters and numbers that I will NEVER remember. Just let me use my normal one, please. I'm old - my brain is nearing 50.....
THEN - one of my regular, wholesale bead sites glitched on me today. Took an entire hour of adding items to the cart, and checking the cart in the middle to prepare to place an order. Everything looked fine. Finished the order - went to the cart - GONE! Not in the wish list, not in the saved carts, nowhere. So I tried again. Logged out. Logged in, and did the first 3rd again. Checked the cart - still nothing. Talk about aggravating. So I emailed them and told them the issue. Hopefully I'll hear back from them - but probably not until tonight. I guess that was a sign that I'm not supposed to order anything else this month, anyway.....thank you, Spirit.
Getting closer to being a Jeep co-owner. The paperwork is done. The loan is secured. The license and registration and insurance are all done. Just waiting on those few repairs by the dealership. Can't wait to have my car back - although now it has problems of it's own. Bad clutch, bad shocks, and now, since mid-last week, a badly cracked windshield. Lovely.
Dang semi's throwin' rocks, anyways.
3 times in one week! I'm getting better at this blog thing....
Sheryl aka The Babbling Beader

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