Monday, August 17, 2009

Face it - Facebook is an addiction

It's true. And it may be why I don't quite blog as often as I used to. That, and I don't really have much to blog about. Haven't really gotten the hang of the new camera, and haven't done many new project to show and tell, either. Busy with mom and dad (who's doing GREAT, btw),
busy doing outdoor music with hubby, off visiting with cousins and kidlets. Summer is fading fast - and it's a scary thought, particularly because I reeeeaaallly, realllly, hate winter.
But alas - since there's not much to find for paragraphs worth of interesting tidbits - I can Facebook a line at a time to my hearts content. And it's fun having old friends contact you to be added as a friend too. People I haven't seen or even heard from in AGES - and we're catching up through Facebook. Gotta love it. Kudos to the originator of this great social network. I'm totally into it! (Sorry, Twitter - I twied - but it wasn't my tweet. Oh well.).
Had a GREAT day at the shop on Saturday - 2 students in my class - one sucking up info as fast as I could spill it, the other just barely grasping, but ultimately finishing her project. Plus - my favorite and best customer came up from Jackson again - thanks, Bev. It tickles me that you love my beads so much that you'll travel almost 50 minutes to visit me (although I think the antiques have something to do with it too!) AND - The upcoming bead embroidery class in September is already FULL! HOORRAH! Guess I better get busy with those kits!

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