Thursday, August 20, 2009

No more music in the street

Our beloved Blues nights have come to an end. We looked forward to our Thursday nights sitting in the middle of Washington Square, listening to a national rockin' blues act every week-catching up with my DJ friend Deb, seeing a few friends to give me blasts from the past. I hope next year they'll have enough sponsors to last a little longer through the summer - cuz we're not ready to stop rockin'!
So now that I have nothing important to look forward to on Thursday night - I guess I might as well go to the shop for awhile. I realized while looking for something earlier this week that I am in need of a major 'spring cleaning' and organization day (or two, or three....). I finally remembered (I hope) where my missing bag of bags may be (cross your fingers), so while digging those out - I will grab some boxes and trays and try to restore some order. Maybe in doing so I'll come across another half finished project to complete - like this one. This one was started way back at the beginning of last year - and I just never felt I had the right finish for her. She ended up in a tray on the bottom of the pile, until last week when the right components just came together. "Royalty" is now one of my favorite pieces - I've worn it ONCE so far, and received many compliments. THAT is one of the biggest rewards.

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Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Don't you love it when unfinished projects finally pull themselves together? The blues concerts sound like they were great!