Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sleepy Spitty Sunday

Our Michigan weather sure hasn't been very good this year. Another Sunday afternoon of cool, cloudy, spitty weather. Good for sitting, sleeping, reading and BEADING! Seriously - I've got plenty of things that NEED to be done (like the dreaded toilets) but can't seem to find the energy. When it's cloudy, I'M cloudy.
Although I do seem to want to cook more when it's cooler - today is scalloped potatoes with cheese, onions, mushrooms and ham bits, broccoli, and cherry cheesecake for dessert....
Put the finishing touches on the wedding gift for my cousin and his new bride yesterday. They were married in Cabo on Friday - but for those of us who could not afford to make the trip, they're having a reception next weekend. I thought this would be a unique gift - and definitely one they won't get duplicates of! I love how it turned out, don't you?
My next project is going to be straight out of Beaded Opulence! The Quetzal ring is where I plan to begin my RAW journey....although I'm thinking of using different colors - like my favorite Mauve AB seed beads with Golden Shadow crystals. Thanks, Marcia, for a wonderful, beautiful and inspiring publication!
Off to the kitchen....

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