Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Giant Beads?

I found this photo on my Yahoo page today - it reminded me of a bunch of HUGE bead strands. Fun. Funky.

Busy, shop cleaning day. Got both glass jewelry cases completely cleaned and the colorful paper swapped out for new colorful paper. Who knew scrapbooking sheets could have such a great alternative use? Also put away alot of items that haven't sold yet- some are newer - some have been around for AGES. I'll have to go through them all soon and discount them and get them ready for the holidays. Jeez. I hate to think that the silly season is right around the corner. I've ALREADY got Halloween beads out, so that my beaders have time to create before spooking....
Looking forward to a little late night deck time tonight. Perseids Meteor Shower - between 11pm and 5am. And since I'm usually up between 2 and 4, well - let's hope it's not too cloudy - and the skeeters don't find themselves a late night snack (that would be ME).

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