Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is my dream

THIS is my ideal shop - one that my friends and I have often talked and fantasized about - who knew that one actually existed? Books, and yarn, and beads, and a boutique - ALL IN ONE SPACE! LAURA! THIS is what we longed for when checking out space those few years ago.
The antique mall where I currently 'reside' is also great - we have a yarn nook, and a used book nook, but my IDEAL of a shop was Beads, Books and Beans - a bead store, a book/unique gift shop and coffee shop all rolled into one. Check out the site - you'll want to visit as much as I do - too bad it's practically on the other side of my world! (I refuse to fly - so getting there is also a fantasy for me).
Here's the link - so cool.

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