Sunday, May 2, 2010

Non bead rant

Well.  I still don't quite know what to think.  I know what I've said - and what I may continue to say....discrimination against LARGE people has GOT TO STOP.  The latest travesty:  one of the most well known clothing stores that had a "Plus Size" line, and in fact an entire portion of the store devoted to REAL size women - has now changed their tune.   In order to appeal to a younger, hipper, PRETTIER demographic, they have ditched the plus size line.  Instead, the entire store is now filled with a larger selection of trendy clothes - with a SMALLER selection of REAL WOMAN sizes, and only in a limited number of styles and colors.  When I questioned the clerk about the change - I was told it was always possible to shop online.  And that may be true.  But what if I want something to wear TONIGHT?  or TOMORROW as the case may be.  Don't I have the right to be able to go to a plus size store and purchase WITH CASH the size, color and style that I want?  Why am I being relegated to the 'on line' shop?  I KNOW that I am not the only plus size shopper out there, and in fact, always found THAT particular section of the store had more shoppers in it than the regular size side.  So I have contacted their 'customer service' department and gave them a piece of my mind.  It's something that I find myself doing more and more often as I get older.  I just can't hold my tongue anymore - except of course, around my customers.  And even then with some of them it's hard.  I get very defensive when people question my authority, knowledge and techniques when it comes to beading.  And I am VERY defensive when it comes to my size.  I am comfortable with it, I don't have any of the so called medical issues that people just assume come with it, and I am a very confident person in both regards.
So I hope this isn't becoming a trend - and that other stores that I've shopped in the past won't follow suit.  Cuz momma is in need of some brand new clothes!
Sorry for the 'rant' - but between this blog and their customer service comment section - I may feel just a little bit better now....
I'll be posting SEVERAL new jewelry pieces on Etsy this week.  Still no sales.  We'll see what the new items bring.  June will be the 4 month mark - not sure I can be patient enough to continue....

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Sara of Sell Handmade Crafts Online said...

Sorry to hear about your favorite clothing store, sometimes it's good to "rant." :)

Regarding your Etsy store--hang in there! It can take a while to establish your business online. I don't see any links to your shop on this blog--maybe an "Etsy Mini" for your blog or "My Etsy" on your Facebook would help attract more buyers? Take care!