Saturday, March 23, 2013

A full plate

Sissinghurst Anthropologie Plate

Sissinghurst Anthropologie Plate courtesy of Google Images

First of all, just let me say how much I LOVE this Windows Live Writer.  SOOOO much easier than logging in and out of my Google based blog every time I want to update you on the latest!  So here goes!  Are you ready?  Lots of things to say today!
There are a few changes to my layout – upfront and center – the Etsy shop.  I’ve been listing new BEADS daily – mostly semiprecious, a few glass pendants thrown in here and there.  Still some great stuff to clear from my inventory – so be sure you’re checking those listings often. I’ve added the option to pay directly by credit card through Etsy – and it’s made a world of difference in the sales.  TRY IT!  So easy!  You may not find quite as many jewelry pieces in the coming months though – as they expire – I’m pulling them out for the show season. 
I’ve also added the link to SmittenDust’s blog.  It’s where I’ll send you, linkwise – to get all the info you need, and to register for my upcoming classes and workshops.  Right now, we have TWO planned – “Unlock your Passion” key charm pendant workshop will be Saturday June 29th from 10 to 4 – and includes a yummy lunch!

Unlock your Passion Key charm Photo

There will also be a fun fringe bracelet class in July, as well as other plans cranking through my brain for future dates.  It’s a really, REALLY cool place.  I am so glad I found it!
Next up:  I’ve come quite a long way, and am closing in on the final stages of “Mariposa”:
Mariposa Progress Embroidery1

All it needs now is the back portion of the straps, the closure and a bit of stablizing accent to hold that bottom wing in place.  Should have it done this week – I didn’t really intend to rush it – but with all of these other things starting to pile up – I thought I better get it done, and inspiration sprang forth!  As soon as it’s submitted to FMG, then it’s KIT MAKING TIME!
I also don’t think I’ve posted since my fun little excursion to the Bead Bonanza in Detroit on Sunday.  I hadn’t planned to even go – like I NEED more beads Smile  but the girls convinced me on FRIDAY, and we carpooled.  I took what I thought would be part of the Mariposa piece with me to work on (didn’t like it once it was done, but it kept me busy) – and only bought from FOUR vendors.  It’s a record, for sure.  But it was fun – and I still brought in quite the haul:
I plan to make some cute lucite flower earrings for the show at the church at the end of April.  Speaking of which….I’ve never done a show in a church before.  My previous jewelry inventory was geared more towards the mystical – faces, fairies, goddesses – stuff that didn’t quite fit the ‘church’ crowd.  But now that I’ve branched out a bit, I think I can come up with some items that they’ll like – and affordable ones too.  Eyeglass chains, scarf jewels, cute earrings, and purse charms….with angel wings, of course!

Purse Jewelry.jpg

I’ve also got several road trips in the works – THREE just to Shiawassee Art Center, alone!  I’ll be switching out the old inventory, and taking them some new ones.  I still haven’t sold anything there – I am just happy that they seem to like my work, and want me to stay on, regardless.  And although it would be even more ideal to actually sell these pieces – it will be nice to have them back for show season:

One World full.jpg

Peacock on Ice.jpg

I’ll also be making a separate trip to take an actual exhibit piece, AND to attend the open house in relation to it.  Want to take a few friends to see the place too – so Owosso, here we come – A LOT!
Last but not least – because you’re probably bored with the babble – don’t forget that NEXT WEEKEND – Saturday, March 30th is the FIRST REVEAL DATE for The Bead Soup Blog Challenge.  There are three dates – mine is the second one, that first weekend in April.  So cancel your plans, make a big pot of java, and settle in to browse.  The wealth of craftiness always amazes me – and now that I think about it – I don’t even think I made it through the entire hop the LAST TIME!  OOPSY! 
Hope your plate is full of all your favorite things.  I know mine is!
Peaceful beading,
And a quick P.S.  As soon as the Bead Soup Blog Challenge is OVER, I’m going to switch my comments section back to accepting the Chaptka.  I know they’re difficult to read sometimes – but with comments set to moderation – I’m literally swimming in email spam – sometimes 20 at a time – every day.  I also think that moderation keeps some folks from commenting – and I miss them.
So be aware.  It’s for my sanity.  Princess

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