Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bursts - and bras.....

This is what I've done so far with those Pacific Burst components. I still need to start working in the brass size 8's - and I found some cool Swarovski bicones in my stash yesterday that I've started adding too. Since my mom's coming by the shop today, I probably won't get a chance to work on this piece again until FRIDAY - so I hope my creative momentum is still in high gear.
Now for a somewhat silly - but yet totally serious comment: I've lost my bra. Sometime between Monday afternoon and today - my good everyday comfy no itch beige bra has disappeared. Why, oh why, and HOW do I keep losing things? And how, pray tell, do you lose a BRA? I've checked between folded clothes, in the towel drawer and cedar closet, checked the washer, the dryer, the bathroom, the bedroom. I think I have lost my mind. AND THEN - needing to find a replacement beige bra, I found one in the drawer that was almost like new, but had a broken underwire on one side. So I'm thinkin' - I can make this work. Well - here's a question for ya - have you ever tried to INTENTIONALLY remove the underwires from a bra? Took me half an hour to wrangle the remaining puppy out of there. I hope I've given everyone who reads this a really good laugh today - but I am sitting here still wondering - what happened to my bra!?!

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