Monday, June 22, 2009

This and That - and a photo of SWISH!

I've completed another button bracelet (with a few lamps and Swarovski thrown in for the heck of it) - 'Summer Vacation' will be for sale at the shop. So fun - cute too. I may do a little workshop with a 'bring your own button' theme - BYOB! HAHAHA.
You may remember that I posted a few weeks ago about the big giant fish mascot made from recycled detergent bottles - I found a photo on Facebook! We actually have two of these - Swish and Gill. The kids love them - and they travel about the township mascoting various functions, parades, etc. We may not have much in this little podunk 'burb - but we've got ourselves a great FLOAT!
After having the wettest and chilliest spring on record, we are now sweltering in the heat on the first full day of summer. Shew. We thought we would try and save some green - and go green at the same time - but NOT using our central air - and just opening windows and relying on the ceiling fans. I'm not sure I'll be able to hold out. The older I get - the more I need my air! And I just found out Saturday that the air in my car went kaput - so I'll definitely be using the window and moon roof ventilation system when I'm in there.
I gotta go find some cool clothes. If that's possible....

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Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment! I have a great camera (which is 99% of it!), but have also learned so much by looking at all of the wonderful photography in blogland. Like looking for shadows, and reflections, and the way the light looks, and the colors...

Great fish!! Have fun!