Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Day full of surprises

Whew! 8:38PM. Finally sitting down and relaxing. VERY busy day at the shop today. My very favorite regular customer Beverly stopped by today - show and tell, and lots of fun! Finished a project-NOT the redeux Pacific Burst! That one has frustrated me, and isn't cooperating, so it has been relegated to the bottom of the design bin. I'll get it out again someday - but in the meantime, there are lots of other projects. I have two of them from the newest Beadwork magazine to work on, and several others that are ready and waiting. I have no lack of projects - I just need to feel the creativity! The creativity felt in the last two days helped me to complete Royal Unakite. Another focal piece from my friend Joyce's stash - it had a unique blend of colors. The Blue Zircon had me stumped for a few weeks - but then I discovered Blue Zircon AB2x Swarovskis! PERFECT! Turned out really cute.
I've also included some cute pictures of my great nephew, Calvin. Don't get to see him very often - in fact the last time I saw him, he still didn't have hair, and was crawling. LOOK AT HIM NOW! So cute. And smart. He saw a little boy climbing a tree, and quickly decided he wanted to climb it too. He kept putting his foot up on the tree trunk and wrapping his arms around it. Adorable little dude! And yes, that's a beaded necklace he's wearing. Gotta teach em right from the start!
On our trip back from our family gathering tonight, we came across a nice surprise - a group (11 or 12 in all) of hot air balloons that were just finishing up their launch. We pulled over and took several cool. My husband has ridden in one before - but I have remained grounded.
Didn't lose anything today! And got TWO checks for jewelry sold. BONUS!

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Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Your nephew is so cute! Love the balloon too...