Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Soothing music - and a few changes

My husband and I have been taking advantage of the "free music" happening here and there around town all week long - from the northend on Tuesdays, to right smack downtown on Thursdays (as well as right down the street if we get lazy) - and a few other places and nights too. We got lucky this evening to have the perfect seats, though - for one of our favorite bands. It was just to dang hot and muggy to even think about going back outdoors - and upon 'flipping' the remote (yep, my hubby does it too) he came across our local public access channel's concert series - one of the Blues bands we enjoy seeing around town all year round. Right here at home. With the air on (sorry - I couldn't stand it anymore with just windows and fans). So I'm beboppin' and bloggin'. How cool is that?
I think I'm going to attempt to rework my blogsite over the next few days - so if you visit, and find it looks a little different - I crave change. I'm also making changes at the shop - moving items to different areas (my customers love me when I do that!) and reworking some wall space to make it more efficient.
If you are interested in seeing the photo slideshow of my work WITHOUT it being cut off (?), visit my album on Photobucket, and also on Facebook!

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