Friday, June 19, 2009

Divine Intervention?

It was the oddest - but greatest thing. I've been attempting to sell a dresser I was using for storage at the bead shop. It was painted in pastels, with a big bright sun painted on the front. It worked for me for awhile - (I had since found something I liked better amongst the antiques). The dresser has been for sale for a mere 50 bucks for about 3 months now - and I had finally - just today, resigned myself to the fact that I would have to have the "hold" taken off the hutch I wanted, and find a way to continue to use the sun dresser. So I was at the front of the store talking to the owner about the situation; there just so happened to be a customer in The Schoolhouse at that very moment that was shopping for accents and furniture to stock her new BEACH HOUSE. We didn't realize that she had heard us talking about the sun on the dresser - which they felt may have been part of the problem in it not selling. She quickly came back to my shop area, asked me if I'd come a little lower on the price - and voila! SOLD! Only one problem - I was STILL using it for storage! So I had to quickly remove everything from the drawers (5) and from on top (including a book nook). Whew. Finally. Out the door and into her van it went. Bye, bye! So - if I had not chosen that exact moment to talk to the owner about the dresser - the lady would have walked out the door, it never would have sold. I do believe there was a magickal force at work.....And I truly LOVE the new shabby chic hutch that we put in it's place. Functional and display worthy all at the same time. Busy day. My back and knees are now screaming at me to STOP! so as soon as dinner is cleaned up (I can't believe I had the energy to handmake a pizza) - I'm plopping and stopping. Groceries will just have to wait until tomorrow evening....
Hope everyone's had a wonderful day. Maybe I'll post some photos of the newly decorated space someday soon....

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