Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lamenting a loss

I've lost yet another piece of jewelry - and this time - one of my favorite personal pieces. I don't know how it keeps happening, and am at the moment, just chalking it up to my own stupidity - simply because I have no other explanation. It was a piece that I had been displaying at the Gallery - and it WAS THERE when I brought the entire bag back to the shop. I remember telling my mom that I was glad to have it back and how much I had missed wearing the piece. I separated out all of the pieces that were my personal pieces, put them in zip bags, and I THOUGHT I brought them all home. I was so frantically upset this morning when I discovered that it was missing, that I made the 40 mile round trip trek to the shop on my day off to check every nook and cranny that I could think of where it would be. Alas. No luck. I have also called the restaurant that we dined in last night, hoping that somehow it had fallen out of my bag and they had found it. No luck. I hesitate to tell my husband that it has happened again - I've already lost 3 other pieces the same way - put in the same bag, in the zipper bags, to bring home. Somehow, they are not getting here. So it's a sad day for me. It had sentimental value - and I will never be able to replace the custom made silver art clay face created just for me....

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Lisa Crone said...

I'm so sorry to hear that! I know how frustrating it is to lose something you love and have absolutely no idea how, where and why! My first thought was they are probably all together off doing something exciting in the world since they have somehow found their way to another dimension! (too much star trek!) OR Maybe you are in the Michigan triangle! :)