Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Taking the plunge

People have been telling me forever that I needed to try and sell my work online. I've checked out the basics - EBay (not my thing), Etsy (too much admin), and even my own website (WAY too much admin). So I resigned myself to selling through a few art galleries here and there, to friends and family, and of course - at my bead shop. THEN - Lorelei Eurto blogged about ArtFire. Finally. I think I've found the perfect source. Very little admin (although they are picky about photo resolution), and very simple to use. So as of today - ladies and gents - you can find me selling my one of a kind Cool Moon jewelry on ArtFire! I just listed 3 pieces to start with - I want to monitor to see how many hits I get, and how long it may take to even sell something. I can list for free for 3 whole months - if it takes much longer than that, I may not want to use this site, anyway. So if you are interested - check it out. And Lorelei - if you happen to read this - I DID give you credit for the info!
Look for a new 'blog' soon with a photo of yet another button bracelet requested by a customer.
She wanted something a little different than what I created for the last one - this is more of a "charm" bracelet - using chain, jumps and GOBS of old, antique, very cool shank buttons she has collected over the years. Once again - I surprise myself with my creative-ness. :)
Having a great day! Hope you are too!

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