Saturday, September 5, 2009

Changing - and teasing

I could have probably waited another day and done it all at once - making a change to the layout of the blog - again - and adding the photo of my newest creation. But instead, I got antsy (ok, bored) and decided to make a change tonight. I would like to see Blogger give us some new layouts to pick from one of these days - but this will brighten things up for now. As for the photo - it's very different than I usually do. NO (well, ok just a few) seed beads. I've been known, though, to 'finish' a piece, and then later add seed beads for that special touch. And I may still. The only other 'clue' I will give you to tomorrow's photo post is that the piece was created with an entire strand of big, fat Carnelian rondelles that were gifted to me by a friend. I haven't named her yet either. I hope I'll have that to announce tomorrow as well.
Off to find out what hubby is laughing at so uproariously. I believe he's watching Comedy Central....

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